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At the Law Office of Ronald D. Cummings, we help people in Will County and the surrounding areas of northeast Illinois obtain debt relief through the process known as bankruptcy. Learn more about our bankruptcy practice and some of the more common issues we help our clients deal with by calling or contacting our office for a free consultation, and by using the links below.

  • Is bankruptcy the only answer? No. There are alternatives to bankruptcy but whether or not they’ll work for you will depend on your own unique financial situation. We provide an honest, objective financial assessment; you decide for yourself.
  • What do I need to know right now? You can’t make good decisions if you don’t have good information. This page addresses some of the more common misconceptions people have about bankruptcy.
  • Filing under Chapter 7: Also referred to as “straight bankruptcy” — Chapter 7 can eliminate most debts, stop creditor harassment, prevent wage garnishment and provide substantial financial relief.
  • Filing under Chapter 13: In a Chapter 13, you can reorganize debt to fit your budget in a three- to five-year plan. This is often the best option for people facing foreclosure or car repossession.
  • Home foreclosure: If you’ve recently received a foreclosure notice, don’t panic. Talk to an experienced lawyer about what that means and what your options are first.
  • Cars and property exemptions: Bankruptcy doesn’t mean you’ll be home-less, car-less or property-less. In fact, most people who want to are able to keep their homes, cars and personal possessions.
  • Bankruptcy and taxes: Old tax debts are common to many bankruptcy filers. The good news is that some tax debts can be discharged in the bankruptcy process. We are also skilled at minimizing the tax consequences a bankruptcy can have.
  • Non-dischargeable debts: Some debts cannot be wiped away by bankruptcy. Examples include child support debts, recent taxes and court fines.
  • Rebuilding your credit: Bankruptcy does not mean you won’t be able to get credit. In fact, our attorney can show you how to start effectively rebuilding your credit immediately.

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When you need an attorney, hire an attorney that concentrates within the type of law that you need help with. Do not hire a general practice attorney. Often times family and friends may refer you to an attorney that they know and / or trust. However, that attorney may not concentrate and specialize in the type of law you need help with. We have been practicing bankruptcy law for over thirty years. Our knowledge and experience can make all the difference. Contact us today for HELP!

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.